Our History

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Established in 1925 under the ownership of Lena and Beeson Grantham, Don Grantham Funeral Home in Duncan, Oklahoma earned its reputation over the years as being a reliable and trustworthy business in Southwest Oklahoma. Lena and Beeson’s son, Don, and his wife, Pat Grantham, continued to run the family business and was joined in later years by their sons, Jim and Mike Grantham.

After many successful years, Don retired, but would often come by the office to share his “words of wisdom." 

Jim and Mike also took pride in running the family business with honesty and integrity for many more years. 

However, when no other family members were wanting to come on board, Jim and Mike selected Carriage Services Inc. of Houston, Texas (in August 2011) to continue to provide, with the same staff, their “best always services” to Stephens County and beyond. The staff works diligently to ensure personal attention to each and every detail involved with helping families memorialize and celebrate the life of loved ones.

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